• Ashutosh Singh

How Mobile Tech is Changing The Social Media Landscape

Updated: May 30, 2020

Arrival of mobile technology has brought some significant changes in the way we consume social media. These changes will have a long-lasting impact on consumer behaviour.

Technology has changed the world and has reinvented the way things are done. It has redefined how we live our life. Technology has become a force to be reckoned with, and this has defined our communication.

Today, social media has replaced the conventional means of communication.

And mobile technology has altered the way we use social media.

This article discusses six ways through which mobile technology is changing the social media space and making it better for us to communicate and stay connected.

Six ways mobile technology is changing the social media landscape

1. Connectivity: Mobile technology has redefined how people connect, making it possible for everyone to connect and share moments, irrespective of location, and time constraint. The recent mobile technology invention, which led to the introduction of the story feature on sites such as Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp, had made it possible for people to share exciting moments with friends and family at the click of a button. Instagramtv is also another exciting feature that has improved and changed the social media space.

2. How We Do business: Mobile technology has redefined how we do business and the level of exposure our businesses can get.

An exciting aspect of this breakthrough is the shops feature on Instagram, which will be made available soon.

A recent statistic shows that there are 25 million businesses on Instagram, with over 4 billion monthly social media users in the world, getting your business online is one good idea you can use for the business and your sales. This vital aspect has been made possible by mobile technology.

3. How We Make Friends: While social media has made it possible for you to connect with friends and family, mobile technology has improved on this communication.Making it possible for you to communicate with people of the same interest, which saves you time from reading the news feed of everyone.

The algorithm employed by Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms has ensured that your interest is followed, and only things you have previously shown interest in are displayed for your viewing.

If you are a car lover; for instance, the mobile technology behind the Instagram algorithm ensures that only profiles with the kind of cars you have loved in the past are shown to you.

It also reduces the number of times, things you are not interested in should show on your account.

4. How We Express Ourselves: With the arrival of mobile technology such as social media apps, expressing yourself has been made possible. Far more than what was possible in the past. In today's world, becoming a renewed author is no longer a complicated process and this has been made possible by social media.

By writing a post of interest to you, you can grow a loyal community of followers and readers who will turn out to become fans in real life.

Normally, you will need a laptop to get online on these social media platforms but with the arrival of mobile technology today; you only need a smartphone and the app. And you are good to go.

5. Education: The initial concept of social media was to create a platform for social interactions. Mobile technology has redefined this perspective.

Webinars and live training are now a regular thing with social media.

One can comfortably take a certificate course on social media; the e-learning facilities on LinkedIn is another testimony of how mobile technology is redefining social media.

6. A New Concept of Unity: Social media and the use of modern technology has redefined the idea of unity, as people can now unite together online by creating groups of interest and building a community of like-minded people.


Technology has created a world of amazing possibilities and the opportunity it presents us is immense. Mobile technology is continually reinventing our social media space, and this is why we are often prompted to update our apps now and then to enjoy the new features offered by mobile technology.

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